What is a Post Hypnotic Suggestion?


What is a Post Hypnotic Suggestion?

First let's break down the term to get a better understanding....

Post - after
Hypnotic - the state/act of hypnosis
Suggestion - an instruction to do something

Essentially a post hypnotic suggestion is a particular instruction to be carried out after the hypnotherapy session. An example of this is seeing a hypnotist for a weight loss problem and they embed the suggestion that 'every time you feel like a sugary type of food you will feel like drinking some water instead'. If done correctly, that client will instinctively choose drinking water over eating sugary foods - with obvious positive effects to reducing their weight. This will take place for an indefinite amount of time even after the hypnosis session.

How Does it Work?

Under hypnosis we are more susceptible to direct suggestion and new ways of looking at things. When done properly, a post hypnotic suggestion is implemented under trance to the subconscious part of the person's mind. After the session, his suggestion is then intrinsically carried out by the person in their normal daily life - such is the influence of subconscious upon our decision making process. In very simple terms, to the person, it is almost like a little voice in the back of their mind telling them to do something when they are in a particular situation. This is of course completely safe, and a very effective way to implement positive change to all manner of issues one may be experiencing.

Why Do We Act on the Suggestions?

This is where the 'magic' happens! So many of our daily decisions are made automatically without us consciously thinking about them. For example, some people when they feel sad automatically go and eat junk food without even thinking about it. This is exactly the same way that a post hypnotic suggestion works. Because it is embedded within the subconscious part of the mind, the actual suggestion is automatically carried out consciously without second thought. Essentially this creates an automatic pattern or decision making process in our daily life.

How Long Do They Last?

This differs from person to person and the skill of the hypnotist. When done correctly a post hypnotic suggestion should last as long as the client allows it to remain true within. This means that even after the hypnotherapy session, the client should experience the results of the suggestion for as long as they have been told it will last.

What Can they be Used For?

Therapeutically speaking, post hypnotic suggestions can be used for almost any type of issue or area of improvement. This will range from treatment for addictions using suggestions that replace habitual use of one substance to an alternative action, for stress issues using suggestions like when you are stressed to clench your hand and you be transported back to calmness and even for something like sleeping so that as soon as your head touches your pillow you instantly begin to feel drowsy. They are extremely effective to override the bad patterns and introduce new positive patterns.

My Experiences

I personally use post hypnotic suggestions all the time in hypnosis session with my clients. Always I will speak to them first to find out the background of their issue and typical behavioural patterns. I use this information and incorporate it into the actual suggestion and how the client implements this in their daily life. This will always change as each hypnosis session is customised to the particular needs of each client. I prefer to also make use of the different sensory systems and associations to help create stronger associations when carrying out the post hypnotic suggestions. This helps strengthen the effect and desired action.

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